Remembering Jennifer Vyvyan

By Jonathan Crown

One of the most beloved of all British sopranos, Jennifer Vyvyan left a relatively small but priceless discography which has hitherto not been systematically seen on CD. Now Decca Eloquence brings back these treasured recordings (with more to follow in 2018), and for the occasion, Vyvyan’s son, Jonathan Crown, has contributed this message:

As Jennifer Vyvyan’s son, I am truly thrilled about these quite wonderful re-releases on the Decca Eloquence label.

My hope is that not only will they delight an older already knowledgeable audience with these remastered classics, but entice a brand new younger crowd who are perhaps completely unaware of my mother’s exceptional singing and fascinating life.

Travelling the world in the 1950s and 1960s before it was commonplace, she also had a non-stop schedule singing all around post-war Britain in the country’s music halls. It was relentless in those days, and eventually it took its toll on her health.

Tragically, she died young at 49 in 1974 at the height of her sparkling career, a full decade before the start of the digital age, and a generation before the internet; so, recordings of her work are really quite rare, and those that still exist are to be cherished! And pleasingly her voice holds up well when compared to her contemporaries and those that have come after her.

For over ten years now, I have actively endeavoured to keep Jennifer Vyvyan’s name alive, and sincere thanks must go especially to the Decca Eloquence label for having the foresight and courage to release this exceptional body of work again, after so many years.

I hope that you enjoy these quite lovely recordings.

Finally, as curator of the Jennifer Vyvyan Foundation which encompasses a website, a Facebook page and annual soprano singing scholarships at the Royal Academy of Music in London, please visit us for more information, there is so much more to discover; and do feel free to get in touch.