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Strauss: Four Last Songs; Orchestral Songs

May 25, 2016

Strauss had a lifelong affair with the soprano voice and many of his songs were written with his wife Pauline’s voice in mind. This collection brings together five songs performed with crystalline purity by Christine Schaefer as well as some more dramatic settings performed by Karita Mattila, concluding with Mattila’s reading of the immortal Four […]

Christine Schäfer sings Mélodies

April 18, 2016

The brief but close friendship between Chausson and Debussy was based, it would seem, on the attraction of opposites. The bourgeois, god-fearing, happily married Chausson, living on inherited money in a spacious apartment on the fashionable Boulevard de Courcelles, was free to pursue high-minded, respectable projects like his Symphony in B flat, declaring his allegiance […]