Mozart: Five Divertimenti
Wiener Oktett
Catalogue No.

This recording forms part of a series of reissues celebrating the glorious Decca recordings from the 1950s-1970s of the Wiener Oktett (Vienna Octet), made up of key principals from the Wiener Philharmoniker and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Those who campaign against background music in shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies and lifts do not have history on their side. A whole corpus of marvellous music, including the delightful Mozart Divertimenti on these discs, is not intended for serious listening. Its original performances were certainly given against a hum of conversation and probably in the open air.

These glorious Wiener Oktett performances represent the Wiener Oktett’s stereo recordings of these pieces, with the ensemble led by Anton Fietz (1926-2010). (The ensemble’s earlier recordings of selected Mozart Divertimenti, led by Willi Boskovsky have been released under the title ‘Mozart from a Golden Age).

The recordings of the Divertimenti KV 136 and No. 15 in B flat major make their first international appearance on Decca CD and the release is accompanied by extensive and probing notes on the music and the performers by renowned commentator Tully Potter.


Divertimento No.15 in B flat K287 (K271H)
Divertimento No. 7 in D major, K205
Divertimento No.1 in D major, K136
Divertimento No. 17 in D major, K334 Divertimento No. 10 in F major, K247
March in D, K290

Wiener Oktett

Recording information

Recording Producers: Christopher Raeburn (KV 287); Erik Smith (KV 205, KV 136, KV 290, KV 334, KV 247)
Balance Engineers: James Brown (KV 287, KV 136, KV 334, KV 247); Jack Law (KV 205, KV 290)
Recording Location: Sofiensaal, Vienna, Austria, April 1961 (KV 136, KV 334); September 1962 (KV 287); October 1963 (KV 247); October 1964 (KV 205, KV 290)