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Mozart: Piano Quartets; Piano Quintet

March 10, 2016

The Piano Quartets are like heavenly twins, alike on the outside but very different in tone. The G minor, like all Mozart’s works in that key, is intense, introspective and even tragic in places. The E flat is extrovert, bracing, brilliant and straightforwardly pleasurable. The present performances feature what, at first glance, is a strange […]

Janáček: String Quartets; Suk: String Quartet No. 1

March 10, 2016

The first of Josef Suk’s two mature quartets, in B flat major, Op. 11, was partly written in Helsinki and Vienna hotels early in 1896, the last two movements being composed at home in Prague. The work which positively breathes romanticism, inevitably shows the influence of his beloved teacher and future father-in-law, Antonín Dvořák. By […]

Brahms, Schumann, Wolf: String Quartets

March 7, 2016

After the wealth of string quartets produced by the composers of High Classicism – Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert – the leading figures of Romanticism were somewhat daunted by the expectations of their public. Felix Mendelssohn achieved a respectable total of six quartets but the three notable composers represented in this program managed only nine […]

Mozart: String Quartets KV 428, 458, 464, 465

March 7, 2016

On 22 January 1785, Mozart’s father, Leopold, wrote from Salzburg to his daughter, Nannerl, retelling the news ‘that last Saturday (Wolfgang) performed his six quartets [in truth probably just KV 387, 421 and 428] for his dear friend Haydn and other good friends and that he has sold them to Artaria for a hundred ducats’. […]

Dohnányi: Piano Quintet No. 1, Sextet; Kodály: String Quartet No. 2

March 5, 2016

While Dohnányi’s musical language was firmly rooted in the nineteenth century, the two chamber works on this reissue – championed by András Schiff and the Takács Quartet, no less – deserve much greater attention than they get. Dohnányi’s Piano Quintet was written when he was seventeen and bears the strong imprint of Brahms, courtesy of […]