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Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty; Stravinsky: L’Oiseau de Feu – Suite

June 22, 2016

Pierre Monteux  made his first LSO recording in 1957 – a generous selection of pieces drawn from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Originally released on RCA, the recording repatriated to Decca in 1973. Over 50 minutes of selections from the ballet (as much as would comfortably and generously fit on two LP sides in the 1950s) in […]

Brahms: Symphony No. 2; Overtures

May 10, 2016

The name of Pierre Monteux evokes recollections of the man who conducted the Ballets Russes for Serge Diaghilev and the notorious scandal surrounding the first performance of Stravinsky’s ‘Le sacre du printemps’ in Paris in 1913 as well as for scrupulous attention to style that he brought to bear on French masterpieces of the turn […]

Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 94 & 101; Brahms: Haydn Variations

April 20, 2016

In 1961, at age 86, Pierre Monteux was appointed chief conductor with the London Symphony Orchestra on a 25-year contract. It was typical of his sense of humour that he chose to sign a contract of this length at this time in his life, but there is no doubt that the brief period he enjoyed […]

Dvorak: Symphony No. 7; Elgar: Enigma Variations

April 19, 2016

Two beloved Romantic orchestral works in stellar performances, return to the catalogue in beautiful transfers. Pierre Monteux (1875-1964), often bemoaned the fact that he was associated with the French and Russian repertoires to the exclusion of music from outside of those traditions. He could hardly help it; after all, it was Monteux who conducted the […]

Sibelius: Symphony No. 2; Karelia Suite

April 18, 2016

Pierre Monteux often bemoaned the fact that he was associated with the French and Russian repertoires, to the exclusion of music from outside of those traditions. He could hardly help it; after all, it was Monteux who conducted the first and famously chaotic performance of Stravinsky’s ‘Le Sacre du printemps‘ in 1913. Nevertheless, he recorded […]

Debussy: Orchestral Works

April 18, 2016

This generous disc brings together all of Pierre Monteux’s Debussy recordings for Decca and Philips. Encompassing some of Debussy’s major orchestral works, these performances have a fluidity and atmosphere about them in recordings that have worn their years lightly. Monteux omits ‘Sirènes’ in his recording of the Nocturnes – a practice not atypical of recordings […]

Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique. Mendelssohn: Ein Sommernachtstraum

March 7, 2016

Decca Eloquence continues its exploration of the recordings of Pierre Monteux with a coupling of two works that invoke the supernatural. Monteux’s brilliant, yet cultivated late-1950s readings of these works offer much pleasure and both are released internationally on Decca CD for the first time.

Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, Russian Easter Festival Overture

March 7, 2016

In his most famous orchestral composition, ‘Scheherazade’, Rimsky-Korsakov, like Beethoven in his ‘Pastoral’ Symphony before him, was more interested in evoking feelings and impressions than in spoon-feeding listeners a pre-digested program. So the titles he provided for its four movements were indicative rather than based on particular stories from the ‘Arabian Nights’. Pierre Monteux’s recording, […]

Bach, Gluck, Mozart: Music for Flute & Orchestra

March 7, 2016

All three works on this CD feature the flute and all feature Pierre Monteux collaborating with his son, Claude. Bach composed some music for the recorder but it is outnumbered by his works for transverse flute which he called the ‘traversiere’. In his Orchestral Suite No. 2, Bach gave the ‘traversiere’ a starring role. Although […]

Brahms: Symphony No. 2; Haydn Variations

March 7, 2016

Monteux recorded Brahms’s Second Symphony several times; in addition to the present recording for Decca with the Vienna Philharmonic, there are versions with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra. He recorded the ‘Variations on a theme by Haydn’ just once, in 1958 with the London Symphony Orchestra. This reissue continues Eloquence’s survey […]

Beethoven: The Nine Symphonies

March 7, 2016

Monteux’s Beethoven has been described as visionary. Respect for the spirit of the score, directness of expression, exceptionally well-drilled playing and a sense of untainted idealism that lay at the very heart of the composer’s vision – these are the qualities that typify Monteux’s interpretation of Beethoven. Eight of the symphonies were recorded for Decca; […]

Ravel: Orchestral Works

March 5, 2016

Pierre Monteux is the ideal interpreter of Ravel that great teaser and lover of mystification. Born less than a month apart in 1875, the two men were bound to come together in pre-war Paris which was such fertile ground for artistic novelty. The 1914-18 war scattered the main actors of Parisian musical life. Like Ravel, […]