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Rediscovering Roger Désormière

June 30, 2020

Alan Sanders pens a portrait of Roger Désormière, one of France’s great hopes, whose career was cut short following a car crash in March 1953 which left him paralysed.

Josef Krips Conducts Music By The Strauss Family

September 20, 2019

Waltzing all the way from Vienna to London. Peter Quantrill discusses a reissue of Josef Krips conducting music by the Strauss Family. A little over a quarter of a century after first raising a baton, Josef Krips made his London debut with a British orchestra in March 1948. He conducted the Philharmonia and Pierre Fournier […]

The Decca Wiener Philharmoniker Bruckner Symphony Cycle

August 20, 2019

Founded in 1842, the Vienna Philharmonic gave a notoriously dusty reception to Bruckner’s Third when they played through it in rehearsal in 1874 and refused to perform it in concert. Three years later the composer conducted them in the premiere of the symphony’s revised version; though the occasion was a fiasco, it earned Bruckner the lifelong admiration of Gustav Mahler, who was present as a student.

Käbi Laretei Plays Hindemith

June 18, 2019

The fourth spouse of Ingmar Bergman, pianist Käbi Laretei worked with Hindemith on his “Ludus Tonalis”. R.J. Stove provides the background to the music and the recording for the first CD issue of this extremely rare Philips recording.

Anita Cerquetti

April 18, 2019

Anita Cerquetti’s career was regrettably cut short in 1961; she withdrew temporarily, so she thought, for personal reasons but never returned to the scenes of her triumphs because the effort to regain her former eminence proved too great. She abandoned her career just when she had established herself alongside the slightly older Callas (Cerquetti’s idol) […]

Peter Hurford and The Organ at Sydney Opera House

March 8, 2019

On Sunday 3 March 2019, the music world lost the British organist Peter Hurford, who died at the age of 88. Hurford’s death is unfortunately timed with this month’s Eloquence re-issue of his splendid recital at the Sydney Opera House in 1982. Writing the following year, Gramophone wrote “This is the sort of programme with which organs are baptized … There is a springiness in the playing which comes up fresh every time … All very good value.”

In Praise Of Ansermet by François Hudry

January 14, 2019

‘I was lucky enough to live at an extremely active and productive time’ Ernest Ansermet.

Ansermet’s words, spoken during an interview, sums up the great conductor’s historical position, while being highly indicative of his humility at the same time.

Zubin Mehta – The Los Angeles Years

October 29, 2018

From the outset of the formation of Eloquence, the series championed the recordings of Zubin Mehta, many of which had never been released on CD. Several of these were recorded with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the first major orchestra Mehta was to conduct. Cyrus Meher-Homji reflects on Mehta’s seminal LA years.

Yvonne Minton Sings Mahler

September 21, 2018

Yvonne Minton was lucky enough to have the right vocal equipment and musicality at exactly the right time for the singing of Gustav Mahler’s songs and symphonies. Aside from Nellie Melba and Joan Sutherland, no other Australian singer has achieved anything like the international career of mezzo-soprano Minton.